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The Best Laid Plans Pt.2

This is the second part in the series, Best Laid Plans, if you haven't read the first part, click here

We were told late on Monday night, the very first full day of door to door work that there was an event at the Mayor's office that we were asked to attend. I thought that was cool, but didn't think that everyone needed to go, maybe just my family and Brian.Oh no, everyone needed to go, and it really wasn't a request, we were told it kind of had to happen.
That is how we found out that we all needed to be ready bright and early the next day in our church clothes to go meet the Mayor of Tubajon. Nobody knew what we were to expect, or even how long it was supposed to take, but we all got ready and waited for the official pick up to get us out there.
The ambulance and the rescue vehicle was dispatched to make multiple trips to get us all out to the Mayor's office, which has a beautiful view of the bay and is overlooking the barangays that line the coast.  After settli…

Cebuano or Bust!

So this week we had a conversation with our fantastic language teacher, Ate Mimi. We spoke about how much of the program we had left and how we can try to ramp up the intensity to really drive home the learning and acquisition of the language that will be so important to our later ministry here. It's hard to believe that we've been here for six months! But with that comes the official end of our language learning. Mimi would like us to have been going out after class to practice what we learned and to ask cultural questions. This would have been great, but with the kids and the exhausting nature of trying to think in another language for three+ hours a day, we simply couldn't do it often enough.
Into the fracas of the final month of language steps Hollie. She has a brilliant idea to force us to speak Cebuano in class, and if we use English, we pay a peso into a jar (this money will be used for an ice cream party...eventually), if we try to "Cebuanoize" English (p…

The Best Laid Plans part 1

We just sent the team back about a week ago. We spent months preparing and planning, consulting contacts and church leaders here and in the States to make sure that we not only had a successful trip logistically, but that we were pursuing a goal that we believed that God had laid out before us in a way that would glorify Him and help with all that we were trying to do on Dinagat Island.

The team also prepared for months. They raised money, purchased and borrowed gear and went through training at SRC for this trip. They prayed and sacrificed so that they could come alongside us in the work we are doing here for just a short amount of time.

They flew for almost three days straight before landing in Butuan in the afternoon last Friday. We picked them up and went straight to Surigao on what seemed like a bus ride that lasted forever. After settling in to our hotel rooms with the 12 Amerikanos and the 6 translators and our family we went out to eat at Calda Pizza, a SRC Tubajon tradition n…