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First Encounter of the mosquito-y kind

The other night (Thursday night, to be exact) I had a "first encounter". I was walking to the mall, a mere 1.1km away from the house, when a voice came out from the darkness saying "hello!". A Filipino man emerged from the darkness, chewing leaves, spitting red juice virtually everywhere. He had a jacket on and for some reason I could see his breath (it was 76 degrees out). He asked me if I was American in Sibuhano and I thought to myself "heck yeah, I get to practice!" So I answered back to him that yes, I was American. He asked me if I lived around here and I told him the name of our street, right around the corner. He asked me how long we had been here and I was able to tell him one month, but it was at point that I realized that he didn't even speak Cebuano, he was speaking something else, a tribal language of some sort. I asked him in Cebuano if he spoke English and he said a little. That made the conversation flow. After he asked me about my job…

Visas,Flights, and Mice (Oh my!)

This has been a pretty busy week for us. Being that we have been here almost exactly one month that means one thing: our tourist visas are expiring. When we where flying out of LAX we found out that we had to have a residency visa already since we had one way tickets, this meant that we needed flights booked so we could leave the Philippines , just to enable us to enter it to begin with! Brian Lamb and Jordan Martin got us set up (thanks again guys!), and so we had tickets booked for when our tourist visas expired going to Hong Kong and back, which is something a lot of missionaries do here to avoid the expense of a long term visa. So this week I had the responsibility of getting our tourist visas extended while we start working on getting our long term visas done and rebooking our flights. Monday morning I went early(ish) to the airport so that I could get to the airline counter and change the flights, all going like clockwork until he needed the passports to make photocopies of them…

And the ants go marching on

So, as many of you who are following our little adventure know, we have ants here. They are in our house. They are pretty much wherever they want to be in our house, whenever they want to be there. We will be walking through the house, or the girls will be going up stairs, or we will be sitting down to eat, or going to the bathroom, or sitting and watching Hi-5 (Australian Disney show) and we will look up and see a red line of terror winding it's way down the wall, to the floor, to wherever there is any small crumb that was missed sweeping or recently dropped by a two year old. Gang, these little dudes are hard to kill. Not only will they scoot their line a few inches from where we just sprayed and continue their march of perpetuity, they are like Texas fire ants, but without the long burn. We have been told by another missionary family here that the battle against this foe is never won, never finished.
Now hear me: I do not mean to complain, God has blessed our family with an aw…

Why? Because the Philippines

There are so many things that we could ask why about. Why do people think it's okay to just walk up and grab my child by the hand? Why are there ants in my bed? Why is there no running water when its been raining for two days straight? Why is the park concrete? We've been asking a lot of these questions since arriving in the Philippines. One local said, "You ask why, but it is just because the Philippines." What he meant is, that is just the way it is in the Philippines. But we kind of liked his answer and it has become a slogan that Jeff and I use now when we are asking these Why questions to ourselves. Why? Because the Philippines. That's why!

Hello Humility

Pride. It's sneaky and sly and sneaks up behind you waiting to snare you when, and where, you least expect it. This isn't the first time that I've lived overseas, away from all things familiar. This isn't the first time that I've lived in a developing country. This isn't the first time that I've been emersed in a different language and culture. And because this isn't my first time, I thought that I was prepared and knew what to expect. I thought that I would settle in without the slightest bit of culture shock and just adapt to the new way of life that I was anticipating. Little did I know, but that I've-got-this mentality was Pride, slowly tightening it's grip. And then it happened. I was asked to cook a meal and host people in my new home. Any one who knows me, knows that I like to cook for people. And those who REALLY know me, know that I act like I don't like hosting, but deep down, I love it. The pressure (that I put on myself) to make…

I bought a fan!

We have been here in the Philippines for almost two weeks, and during that time we have had to make a few big purchases, like Hollie buying a couch/chair set, and us buying a washer the day we landed. We have, for the most part, set up our house how we need it. One thing to know about the Philippines is that it is hot and humid here. Being close to the equator, that makes sense, but when you come from a temperate climate with central AC and it's winter when you are moving to a tropical island when it's the rainy season and you only have two little aircons in the entire notice the change in the heat and you feel that humidity.
So I did something about it. I bought a fan. That simple sentence might not seem like much, but for anyone who has experienced this kind of humidity, that oscillating cool breeze is like a godsend.