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On the Kingdom and Culture

Over the past few years we have seen the growing tide away from Christian values, especially with the legalization of gay marriage and this new push for transgender recognition.
With the coming of the collapse of cultural Christianity I think that the Church, at least in the West, needs to start asking itself questions, not about it's place within secular western culture, but how it's own culture needs to be reformulated. Are we merely pandering to our pop culture standards (at least superficially) in our worship services and in our discipleship and in our living out the commands of Christ and the examples of the Apostles and leaders of the New Testament church?
What exactly does the biblical example of being a community of believers set apart for God and His glory look like? Why do we even need to be set apart as a distinct community? What is the focus of our communities and how they look? What exactly are we hoping to accomplish through how we form our church cultures?

Me and my Bike

I ride a bicycle to work. Nothing fancy, just an older Specialized Allez that desperately needs some love and attention. I have been commuting for about five years, ever since we found out that Hollie had a Bun in her oven. I started out on a borrowed mongoose mountain bike of sorts and that was painful and slow and so very heavy. After doing some research I found out that on a part-time retail salary with a baby on the way, good bikes were not cheap. So instead of doing the sensible thing and save up some money while suffering on the 'goose, I jumped the gun and purchased a heinous hybrid from Walmart that was very unfortunate in every. single. aspect. of. bike-ness. As soon as I was able to return that to the store I was on my way to our lbs to see their selection of used  bikes. And there it was. A used, dull grey Specialized Allez. A real road bike, even with the fancy break/gear shifting setup, not like a mountain bike at all (nothing against mountain bikes, fyi)! So I starte…