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This summer Jeff and I took the girls to a Rathbun Family Reunion in Kansas. We've been married 5 years, and this was my first time to meet three of Jeff's aunts, and two of his uncles, as well as a couple of cousins and some extended family. While we were visiting together Aunt Sandie was telling me how she loves to see pictures of Sophia on facebook falling asleep in bizarre positions and places. I recently went back to review how many different places I've caught her sleeping, and it's pretty hilarious! So I've decided to give you some of my favorites.

Sophia's Card

Maybe you don't think this is blog worthy, but I do. Sophia made me a card. She didn't have any help or incentive from anyone. She just sat down and made me a card. You may be thinking, so what?
Well, I feel like it is important and here's why. Children don't start out being thoughtful. When babies are born they couldn't care less about you and your needs or your schedule or your feelings. The fact is that all babies are concerned about is themselves, their needs and their feelings. When they are tires they want to be held and rocked to sleep...regardless of whether or not it is convenient for you. When they are hungry, you better act fast or else they'll be sure to make your ears miserable. They want what they want, when they want it, how they want it, plain and simple.

Thoughtfulness and caring about other people is something that you have to teach children as they grow. You may not think that making a card for someone is a grand display of thoughtfulness, b…

Sophia Will Say the Darnedest Things

I have a habit of posting quotes from Sophia as my Facebook status. She is a hilarious kid, whom I believe, everyone would benefit from knowing, so naturally I've decided to make a post consisting of Sophia's quotes.

June 19th Convo with Sophia from tonight: S: (Referring to the NT Pharisees) Why do the religious leaders don't like Jesus'? Me: Because He was doing great things and saying that He was God's Son and they didn't understand. Their hearts were closed up really tight. S: But He does good work. Me: Yes, He is doing very good work, offering us grace and salvation. S: And flowers and bunnies! And birds and homes and clothes! And then after He worked really hard to make all of everything He was tired and had to rest. Me: He did rest after creating everything, not really because He was tired, but because He wanted to show us the importance of rest and the importance of the Sabbath. S:When you're sick, rest is best!

July 1st
I made some awesome fried chicken f…