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Facebook Suggestion Post #1

As the title reads, this and some future posts will be taken from comments put in by some of you guys from a question on facebook on April 4. 
This first one was suggested by Brittany Ramirez, she asks: "What's the food like?" So Filipino food is equal parts lami (delicious) and dili lami (not delicious), depending on who you talk to. For us, being from a part of 'Merica where fish really isn't eaten a lot, moving to a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific and encountering fish basically every where we go can be rather hard. When you go to the meat market there are tables and tables of fish sitting out in the heat and humidity and well, they have that fishy smell. Huge tuna bodies and tiny squids are all sitting there, waiting to be purchased and taken home to fry up and eat. So its probably because of our aversion to fish (its gotten better, I promise) that Hollie decided to take the bold step and learn how to cook lapu-lapu as her first filipino dish. I …

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